Sunscreen check: Are you contributing to coral bleaching?

We explain how sunscreens cause coral bleaching – and we give you some safe alternatives that are available in South Africa.

Thursday, Oct 12, 2023
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Composting: How to set up your own worm farm

Worm tea makes a very nutritious and non-toxic liquid feed for your plants. Setting up your own worm farm is pretty quick – here’s how to do it.


Simple steps to healthy soil

Healthy soil is the foundation of any garden. Follow these steps so that your plants and vegetables can flourish.


Young eco-champion is turning his green dreams into reality

Twelve-year-old Romario Valentine has completed more than 330 beach clean-ups, raised money for endangered animals and written a book about the environment.


Rethread Africa: Searching for a solution to Kenya’s clothing waste

Kenya is known for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes – and its mountains of textile waste. We chat to a team that’s determined to help solve the problem


Greenwashing: How to separate facts from fakes

Companies often do their best to appear environmentally friendly, tugging at our ‘green’ heartstrings. But few of them put in the work. Here’s how to spot the fakes


Zero-waste living: Where to shop in SA

A round-up of shops in the Western Cape, Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal where you can find plastic-free and sustainable alternatives.


Rather put a cork in it

Cork is a remarkable material that’s natural, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. But, it could be facing competition from synthetic alternatives.

Climate Crisis

Sundial Movement: Inspiring SA’s youth to fight climate change

We speak to Otsile Nkadimeng and Pètra de Beer about the Sundial Movement, a network for young South Africans who care about the climate crisis.


Putting plastic bottles to work in your garden

Reusing 2-litre plastic bottles as closhes for your seedlings helps protect them from pests – and keeps them from drying out.

Climate Crisis

El Niño’s arrival could be bad news for southern Africa

El Niño affects us all. But what does this weather phenomenon entail? We explain.


I Scream & Red: Building confidence through eco-conscious design

Zaid Philander teaches differently-abled people to create products from upcycled materials. In the process, they learn much more than just how to sew.


Customer cues for sustainable shopping

From bringing your own bags to buying local – here are five tips on how to shop with the environment in mind.


Cleaning up South Africa’s coast

Thousands of volunteers take part in beach cleanups every year. Find out what they find on our shorelines.


From waste to wonder: Upcycling tips for your home

Finding ways to give old things new purpose is a planet-friendly approach to gardening and decorating your home.


Using bicarb to keep things clean and green

You could be harming the environment with the chemicals you use to clean your home. We share simple green cleaning tips and tricks.


Reefer Shoes: Stepping into a sustainable future

Seb Matheson has combined his passion for sneakers with his desire to create something proudly South African that has a low environmental impact.


5 ways to deal with kitchen waste

Leaves and offcuts don’t need to land in the bin. Here’s how to use kitchen scraps to enrich your meals and garden


Cape parrot: Saving SA’s jewel of the forest

There are an estimated 1,800 of South Africa’s only endemic parrot left in the wild. We also take a look at their critically endangered friends.

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